Introducing Our Brand New Recipe!


Sometimes you just need something new in your life, we at Posa’s Zafarano were feeling the same way so we decided to honor the football season with a brand new dish.

Today we are unveiling pork wings! This is a special recipe created by Posa’s owner and head chef, as he was inspired by the delicious classic game day fare and appetizers.

Our awesome pork wings are smothered in our flavorful red chile sauce and served up with classics including our delicious Spanish rice, and tasty pinto beans for sides. We guarantee that you will not want to stop eating these tasty pork cutlets, just like wings you grab them and eat them, because who doesn’t love some messy fun? These pork wings are extremely delicious as they are meatier, and spicier than your regular wings!

The pork wings are a special dish made from bone-in pork cutlets that are spiced up and fried to perfection. They are then tossed in our hot red chile sauce, and voila they ready to be enjoyed. They are perfect for a group appetizer, or can be eaten as a main course for one, however we do recommend caution; as your friends will be ready to steal them right off your plate so you might as well get two orders. Yes, these pork wings are absolutely delicious, a classic dish with a New Mexican twist. Stop by Posa’s Zafarano today to get your order and try them yourself!

Prepare to have your mind blown with the amazingly delicious pork wings!


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