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We at Posa’s Restaurant on Zafarano love Horchata. Today we will be sharing a few facts on the delicious beverage which is made fresh daily at Posa’s on Zafarano, right here in the City different.

So read on and next time you get thirsty for a fresh Horchata come on over to our Zafarano location for a nice tall glass of the refreshing beverage.


Did you guys know that Horchata actually has roots going back to ancient Egypt and Greece. Millennia later the tasty recipe adapted and found its way to Spain, where the beverage acquired its Moorish roots. Finally its popularity continued growing and it has made its way to the United States in the form of rice milk with almonds and cinnamon.



Horchata is a delicious rice milk, and almond beverage with a hint of sweet cinnamon flavor. The drink takes a while to make but it is worth it, as the results are a phenomenal drink with loads of delicious flavor.


There are vast health benefits of Horchata some of them include it being very rich in minerals including calcium, magnesium, and vitamins C and E. The great benefits of those vitamins include a potential reduction in cholesterol. The starches found in the beverage help with the absorption of carbohydrates, and bad fats.


Horchata is an excellent choice for the entire family as it contains little sugar, and no caffeine. The beverage will not affect children in a negative way as caffeine may do, and may be good for the elderly to enjoy as well.


So comer on over to Posa’s on Zafarano and enjoy a nice glass of the delicious beverage over ice on a hot summer day to cool off. Hey you can also grab a plate of our amazing tamales as well.



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