Creative Ways to Use Guacamole



Here at Posa’s we love guacamole, and today we thought we would share some awesome ways you can enjoy the homemade guac we serve up here at Posa’s on Zafarano. This delicious dip is no longer just for chips, we believe our guacamole is a star and it deserves to be enjoyed in numerous ways. Next time you pick up a pint of guacamole here at Posa’s feel free to try out some of these great guac ideas and tips!


Sandwiches– Guacamole is a fantastic accompaniment on top of a sandwich. Try it instead of avocado on a club sandwich, smear a grilled cheese and veggie sandwich with guacamole, or even try it on a tuna or chicken salad sandwich. Guacamole will add that extra flavor to your regular lunch meal.


Toast- Have you ever put mashed avocado on toast? We have, and then we tried some of our guacamole and it was absolutely amazing! Try a slice of country white or whole wheat toast spread with guacamole and sprouts, add some fresh heirloom tomatoes, or some hard boiled eggs to take it to the next level.


Soup- Top a bowl of hearty chilli with a nice dollop of guacamole or add to a roasted red pepper soup as a topper that is just as delicious as it is unique, guacamole also tastes great on lentil soups, and even add it on top of tortilla soup; you will get the chips too!


Eggs- try adding guacamole as a topper to scrambled eggs for a memorable brunch, put a scoop of guacamole in a breakfast burrito for an extra layer of flavor. Deviled eggs are also taken to a whole new level when you add guacamole to the yolk mixture, there is also an added health benefit there guys!


Salad- Add guacamole to your salads to give them some healthy fats and more nutrients while making the salad taste super delicious, this is great option for vegetarians who do not add meat to salds. You can even use guacamole as a great addition to salad dressings and vinaigrettes if you puree it and add some lime and some olive oil, toss the salad and voila. If you want to get seriously creative next time you make a chicken salad, skip the mayo and add the guac instead.


Potatoes– Load your baked potato with guacamole and sprinkle with cheese for a flavor explosion. You can even mix half guac and half sour cream to make it a fully loaded baked potato!


Veggies- Vegetables are healthy and we could all use more of them, however getting them to taste delicious isn’t always that simple. Well; we fixed that. Dip the veggies in guacamole! Seriously, chop some carrots, red bell peppers, and celery and get dipping, because this is one very healthy and delicious treat that is even kid approved. You can even create zucchini cakes, and veggie fritters and serve them with guacamole for dipping; this is great for parties.


Burgers- Guacamole is amazing on all types of burgers, even veggie burgers! Try guac on regular burgers with bacon, try it on a chicken burger, or even a veggie burger.

Bottom line folks is that guacamole is amazing. It is healthy delicious and has wonderful flavors. Try using guacamole instead of mayo in savory recipes, and it can also be used a cheese substitute for many recipes that call for cheese to add that savory creaminess. We at Posa’s hope you find some creative and fun ways to use our guacamole, let us know how you use the Posa’s guac in the comments below!

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