Corned Beef Green Chile Burrito


As we know Saint Patrick’s Day is coming on March 17th. The festive holiday which celebrates Irish culture and heritage has been highly popular in the United States due to the large Irish immigrant population. Some of the traditions include wearing the color green and incorporating shamrocks with the lovely hue. Parades and festivities in the streets are quite popular on St Patrick’s Day. The festivities were brought from Catholic traditions which waived the Lenten practices, and allowed people to eat and drink as they pleased for the day.  According to legend Saint Patrick spent his time teaching the pagans of Ireland about the holy trinity by using a three leaf shamrock. Saint Patrick passed on March 17th and thus the day became a holiday and the green shamrock became its traditional commemorative symbol.

In  the United States a traditional Irish-American dish served on Saint Patricks day is Corned beef. This meat is delectably cured in salt to give it an amazing texture and flavor. Corned beef became a staple dish for St Patrick’s Day in the 19th century as a substitute for the traditional Irish dish Bacon and cabbage. Posa’s on Zafarano is celebrating the festive traditional Irish holiday by introducing our traditional corned beef burrito.  This delicious corned beef burrito is ONLY available one day per year, which is on St Patrick’s Day.  This holiday themed burrito brings together the best of both worlds by combining the spicy New Mexico Green chile, and corned beef into an unforgettable meal. The burrito is filled with delicious potatoes, corned beef, and is smothered in our famous green chile sauce, and topped with melted cheddar. Stop by Posa’s  on Zafarano this St Patrick ’s Day and enjoy the holiday with our festive corned beef and green chile burrito.

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